it worked!

guys. the garden experiment worked! (for the most part). even during the inattentive weeks – these little toms pushed through and today, shiny and bright. and delicious. next year will be more informed, but nothing is quite as sweet as your first homegrown treats.

garden tomatoes


how does your garden grow?

i am trying a major experiment this year: gardening. i have managed to keep 4 house plants alive in the last year, so why not jump to a vegetable garden, right?

a handful of local friends have encouraged me with their swanky gardens and dinners of “fresh from the garden” produce. and so, here is my tiny attempt.

i went overboard with tomatoes, because really guys, you just can’t have enough tomatoes.  6 tomato plants, all of different varieties – grape, cherry, purple, zebra. and so far they are all fairing well.

there are heirloom radishes popping up – a gift from my friend dee that i am so very excited to harvest.  red, white, and who knows what else is in the mix.

golden beans and royal purple beans are just now sprouting. there is a mesculen mix, arugula, kale, hot hot peppers, and a couple herbs: nutmeg thyme, tangerine sage, and basil.

this weekend i used the nutmeg thyme to make a white bean hummus on toasted crostini with roasted garlic, lemon and olive oil. looking forward to more inspiration from this tiny raised bed throughout the season!

garden progress 5/13/2013

garden progress – may 13, 2013